Below are 2 lists: 1 of 10 type designers, and 1 of 10 graphic designers. I have picked graphic designers that focus on typography in their work.

• Choose 2 designers from each list – 4 total

• Find 1 piece of work online for each of your type designers and graphic designers – 4 total

• Critique the works – why you like or don’t like the work, what you found interesting. Finding out a little about the time period the work is from will help as well to provide context. A paragraph for each critique is fine, but of course you may write more!

• Email me your critiques along with links to the work. My email is on the Contact page.

• Deadline for this assignment is Saturday at midnight!

10 Type Designers:

Erik Spiekermann

Matthew Carter

Herman Zapf

Adrian Frutiger

Edward Johnston

Eric Gill

Zuzano Licko

Akira Kobayashi

John Baskerville

Hoefler & Frere-Jones

10 Graphic Designers:

David Carson

Neville Brody

Stefan Sagmeister

Massimo Vignelli

Michael Bierut

Herbert Bayer

Beartrice Warde

Paula Scher

Marian Bantjes

Jan Tschichold