Additional to Weekend Assignment

Hi all,

I forgot to mention this morning – but you should also read the “Text” chapter in Thinking with Type. There are lots of alignment / scale / paragraph text helpful hints that will help you working over the weekend.



Weekend Assignment

Hi all,

For the weekend assignment, please collect 10 examples of interesting typographic hierarchies, and stick them into your sketchbook. Find at least 5 examples from non-web resources (Magazines, journals, etc). Bring your sketchbook to class on Tuesday.

Here are some examples:

Typographic Hierarchy 1

Typographic Hierarchy 2

Typographic Hierarchy 3

Typographic Hierarchy 3


Helvetica Follow Up!

Here’s some work images from some of the designers and typographers we saw in the documentary Helvetica today. You can also click the links under the images to see the relevant designers website / design studio:

Neville Brody Typographic Poster

Hoefler and Frere-Jones Type Design

Paula Scher Poster

Stefan Sagmeister Album Cover

Massimo Vignelli New York Subway Signage

Wim Crouwel Poster Design

David Carson Pepsi Poster Design

Michael Place Objectified Poster

Class 09.06.11

Hi all,

For Tuesday’s class (09.06.11), you just need to have your 5 original characters (ABCPQ) and the name of your typeface in digital form. I will show you how to lay out the final hand-in document in Illustrator. I’m dropping part 2 from the project, as you have already created more letterforms than the originally required 5. After we’ve set up your documents in Illustrator, we’ll be watching the typography documentary Helvetica! This is a great chance to see into the world of typography, type designers and general type enthusiasts!

Project 1 is due this Thursday – 09.09.11, and we’ll begin project 2.

I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend.


Early Modern & Constructivist Type Design (1920s & 1930s)

Below are a number of examples of type design during the 1920s & 30s, using geometric abstractions to create letterforms, or components / building blocks of letterforms.

Art Deco / Constructivist / Pre-modern Type Examples:

Geometric Typographic Experiments, ca. 1920

Building Letterforms with basic shapes, ca. 1922

Type Specimen Poster: Bifur, AM Cassandre, 1930

Follow-up Links:

AM Cassandre Works Gallery

Early Digital Typeface Design (1985 – 1990)

Here are a couple of examples from Emigre magazine – a graphic design journal turned digital font foundry of the postmodern era. Notice the amount of creativity with simple bitmap-aesthetic typefaces.

Emigre Magazine Covers and Pages:

Zuzana Licko: Emperor Typeface, 1985

Zuzana Licko Digital TypefaceEmigre Table of Contents, 1987

Emigre Magazine Front Cover Detail

Emigre Cover No.11

Follow-up Links:

Emigre Digital Type Foundry

Emigre Magazine Archive

Schedule Change for Project 1: 09/01/11

Hi all,

You all worked very quickly today, and each one of you had some really interesting variations. Rather than have another workday on Thursday, I would like you all to bring your chosen 2 typeface designs to class printed out on 11″x17″ paper (as per the “mid-critique” diagram on the back of the handout), and we’ll do some group critiques. If you don’t have 2 different designs completed, don’t worry – just bring what you have.

Basically, I’m moving next Tuesday’s class to this Thursday!

Please email me with questions if you’re unsure, or stop by and see me tomorrow afternoon in my office.



Type Examples from Student Research

Hi all,

Below are a number of examples that I’ve picked from your research over the weekend. Awesome type!!

Marian Bantjes: Type Illustration “Varoom Relationships”

Massimo Vignelli: NYC Subway Signage

Stefan Sagmeister: Lou Reed Album Cover

Erik Spiekermann: Typographic Poster

Jan Tschichold: Movie Poster

Neville Brody: Nike Poster

Marian Bantjes: Book Cover

Zuzana Licko: Typeface Design “Dogma”

Massimo Vignelli: Knoll Design

Hermann Zapf: Typographic Sketch

Weekend Assignment

Below are 2 lists: 1 of 10 type designers, and 1 of 10 graphic designers. I have picked graphic designers that focus on typography in their work.

• Choose 2 designers from each list – 4 total

• Find 1 piece of work online for each of your type designers and graphic designers – 4 total

• Critique the works – why you like or don’t like the work, what you found interesting. Finding out a little about the time period the work is from will help as well to provide context. A paragraph for each critique is fine, but of course you may write more!

• Email me your critiques along with links to the work. My email is on the Contact page.

• Deadline for this assignment is Saturday at midnight!

10 Type Designers:

Erik Spiekermann

Matthew Carter

Herman Zapf

Adrian Frutiger

Edward Johnston

Eric Gill

Zuzano Licko

Akira Kobayashi

John Baskerville

Hoefler & Frere-Jones

10 Graphic Designers:

David Carson

Neville Brody

Stefan Sagmeister

Massimo Vignelli

Michael Bierut

Herbert Bayer

Beartrice Warde

Paula Scher

Marian Bantjes

Jan Tschichold